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• To introduce, familiarize and refresh Multi Cultural influencers to Cacique Inc’s line of products.
• To communicate Cacique’s origins and strong family background to influencers.
• To build a base of engaged influencers for the Cacique Inc. brand.
• To create interesting social media content with unique uses of the brand in original recipes.



Society Culinaria invited 20 highly influential Los Angeles food bloggers in the General Market and Latino categories to experience Cacique Inc. first hand with a day-long Immersion event at the brand’s headquarters.

Event included an introduction to family history, origin of the brand, tour of processing facilities, meet-and-greet with Cacique founders and family, product taste testing, texture overview and food pairing.

After immersion event, influencers submitted their own recipe creations to be featured in the Cacique #GoAutentico blog and published a summary in their respective blogs their own experience of the event.




Influencers gained a better understanding of the company and reached a comfort level on ways of incorporating the product into their own menu planning.

Influencers had the opportunity to converse and get to know the Cacique family, their passion for the product and brainstorm ideas on how to use the product.

Cacique increased their online recipe catalog with fresh recipes from influential food trendsetters.

Cacique gained social media content when sharing recipes created by social food influencers.

Campaign reached the brand’s online goal impressions on Pinterest, Facebook and website.

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